Air International 2017-09
The 172rd Fighter Wing operates F-15C 79-0041 in this most striking of colour schemes applied in 2016 to mark the 75th anniversary of the Oregon Air National Guard.
Based in San Antonio, Texas, the 149th Fighter Wing has painted F-16C 86-0321 in a commemorative colour scheme to mark this year’s US Air Force 70th anniversary. The aircraft is finished with bright yellow markings and World War Two invasion stripes; a mark of the unit's operations during the allied invasion of Europe in 1944. Other markings include the unit’s name ‘ Lone Star Gunfighters’ on the forward fuselage and the official Air Force 70th Anniversary shield applied to the tail.
Mirage F1CR 653/118-CV assigned to Escadron de Reconnaissance 2/33 ‘Savoie’ in a two-tone desert colour scheme and special tail markings to mark the type’s role in Africa from 1984. The last F1CRs retired from Armee de I'Air service in 2014. From next year, aircraft like 653 are set for a new lease of life as aggressor aircraft in the United States of America.
The continued sluggish orders rate for the A380 has led Airbus to further cut back annual production to eight jets a year from 2019.
Azur Air Germany has started operations from Dusseldorf. This carrier is owned by the Turkish-Dutch operator Anex Tourism, which also runs AzurAir in Russia. The German operation's first aircraft is Boeing 767 D-AZUB (ex-VQ-BUP, c/n 28043).
Upgraded KLU PC-7 L-01 back at Woensdrecht Air Base, after its ferry flight from Stans-Buochs on July 19, 2017.
Aero L-159A 6053/DU-C seen departing RAF Fairford after the Royal International Air Tattoo 2017.
American Airlines, the world's largest airline, posted a $1.04 billion net profit in the first half of 2017. This shows the North American market's strength; nearly half of the profits made by the world’s airlines this year will be generated by airlines based there.
TAP Portugal has repainted A330-343 CS-TOV (msn 1006) into the livery worn by the airline in the 1960s and 1970s. The aircraft is pictured arriving at Lisbon-Humberto Delgado Airport.
The initial Airbus A350-900 for French Blue, F-HREU (msn 5), was recently painted in the low-cost long-haul airline’s distinctive livery. This aircraft has been reregistered from F-WWYB; it was previously one of the five A350-900 test aircraft.
Virgin Atlantic's fleet recapitalisation, which has seen the arrivals of 787-9s and A330s in recent years, will continue with the deliveries of 12 A350-1000S from 2019.
With the last Kongelige Danske Flyvevaben (Royal Danish Air Force) Lynx Mk90Bs of Eskadrille 723 scheduled for retirement later this year, S-191 received a striking colour scheme that features a lynx on the right side, and a polar bear on the left side.
A trial is to assess the Skeldar V-200’s capability for delivering vaccines to remote South Pacific islands.
The M-55 Geophysica taxies in at Kathmandu, Nepal, its operating base for atmospheric research flights above Asia.
CHC Helicopter has received its first Airbus Helicopters H175, G-EMEA (msn 5024). The aircraft is based at Aberdeen and is configured to carry 16 passengers for offshore oil and gas transport.
On display in the Rostec pavilion during MAKS 2017 was the new T-500 PAK SKh agricultural aircraft.
Germany's Luftwaffe has made a surprise move, with an announcement for the lease for two M28 Skytruck aircraft used for parachute training following evaluation. Both aircraft are fitted with an underfuselage cargo pod with a useable volume of 1.3m3 (46ft3), and a maximum pay load of 300kg (660 lb). The Luftwaffe has until now used Transall C-160 aircraft for parachute training and its brand new A400M is too large for some training events. PZL Mielec, the Polish manufacturer of the M28, hopes the lease will lead to an order from the Luftwaffe.
Moscow-based NPK SPP produces electro-optical sensors including the MOES which is one of a range of intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance payloads available for the Orion UAV.
Both Kronshtadt Technologies' Orion unmanned air vehicles are conducting flight testing from the company’s own facility at a former military airfield in Protasovo near Ryazan.
Computer-generated images of the Orion E export version, configured with a suite of cameras (top) or a surveillance radar with an external radar-transparent radome.
Two F-35As from the 56th Fighter Wing based at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona made the type's debut participation in Sentry Eagle.
Kronshtadt Technologies expects to have built a 5-tonne UAV called Orion 2 within the next three years, followed by the larger vertical take-off Fregat UAV (shown) within ten years.
The Airbus Group’s Perlan II recently reached 32,500ft (9,906m) in altitude during a second series of test flights in El Calafate, Argentina. The plan is to fly this aircraft to the edge of space to collect data on the climate and high-altitude flight, and in doing so break the current world gliding altitude record of 50,727ft (15,461 m).
This is the new TVS-2-DTS general-purpose aircraft designed by the Siberian Aviation Science and Research Institute based at Novosibirsk. An updated An-2, the turboprop aircraft features a composite fuselage and wing.
The SAGITTA demonstrator has been produced to acquire information on new technologies that could go into future unmanned systems.
A preliminary artist’s impression of the Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik.
Kronshtadt Technologies expects to have built a 5-tonne UAV called Orion 2 (shown) within the next three years, followed by the larger vertical take-off Fregat UAV within ten years.