Air International 2018-05
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A Lockheed Martin promotional image of the proposed F-16 for India dubbed the Block 70.
C-130H 92-1536 (c/n 5325) of Wyoming Air National Guard's 153rd Airlift Wing was the first legacy H-model to be modified with upgraded Rolls-Royce T-56-3.5 engines, NP2000 eight-blade propellers and electronic propeller controls.
Loadmasters and airmen unload a C-5M Super Galaxy at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. The last of 52 C-5M aircraft was delivered to the US Air Force in April 2018.
F-35C CF-02 during the final flight of the SDD phase on April 11, 2018. F-35 flight testing highlights during the 17-year System Development and Demonstration phase include full flight envelope performance and flying qualities, high angle-of-attack testing, short take off and vertical landing development testing, ship trials, 183 weapon separation tests, 46 weapons delivery accuracy tests, and 33 mission effectiveness tests.
Development of the CR929 will take place over the next decade, with the first deliveries planned for 2027. The CRJ929-600 will be the standard version with 280 seats and 6,480 nautical miles (12,000km) range.
China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Corporation Limited, a joint venture between Russia's United Aircraft Corporation and the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China, will develop the CR929 widebody airliner.
Танкеры KC-46A начали поступать в ВВС США в конце 2018г.
The KC-46A Pegasus continues to be affected by deficiencies and delay to its much-needed service entry.