Air Enthusiast 2006-01
E.Davies - California Solent /Flying boats and floatplanes/
Western Aerospace Museum in June 2005 - the Solent dominates the aircraft park.
The Solent being loaded on to a barge at Richmond for the trip to Oakland.
'Halcyon' squeezes through the gate onto Earhart Road, on her way to the WAM, November 10, 1990.
Following the move by barge from Richmond, the Solent was placed on display at Oakland's North Field - November 1988.
Somerset' G-AHIO leaving Belfast Lough on delivery via Southampton, Marseilles, Bitter Lakes, Karachi, Calcutta, Singapore, Surabaya and Darwin, November 1951. This machine became VH-TOD and then N9945F.
N9946F in 'Sea Horse' finish, Hawaii, 1954.
The three Solents, beached at the old Ford plant in Richmond, California, circa 1973.
Beached on the ramp at the former PanAm terminal area, N9946F at San Francisco International, December 1957.
Solent G-AKNO taxying on the Thames near the Tower of London, May 1949, before the ceremony to name her 'City of London’.
Solent G-AKNP at Belfast, prior to the ferry flight to Australia. Note the TOA livery, while the name 'City of Cardiff' lingers.
July 1990, Captain R C S 'Dick' Reid relaxes in his seat on the upper deck of the Californian Solent, on display at Oakland. Forty years earlier, he had been 'Master' of this same flying-boat, on its last scheduled flight from South Africa to the UK.
The Solent's promenade desk.