Air Enthusiast 2006-01
S.Gifford - Hurricane Swansong /Post-war combat/ (1)
W/O Emrys Williams poses on a 213 Squadron Mustang in 1946.
Fg Off 'Jock' Luckas in front of his 213 Squadron Mustang KM296 at Ramat David.
A visiting Mosquito XIX taxies out at Ramat David, September 5, 1945.
The Fighter Collection's Hurricane IV G-HURY wears 6 Squadron, Desert Air Force, colours. Salvaged from an Israeli scrapyard, the fuselage and other parts, came from the last Hurricanes to serve with 6 Squadron in Palestine.
Flt Sgt Hand takes a ride on the wing root of Flt Sgt Harry Jenkins' Hurricane prior to arming the rockets.
Electrician Sgt Fletcher in front of a smart-looking LE659.
LAC Edmund Thomas (right) in front of Hurricane IV LE659.
'A' Flight pilots pose in front of Hurricane LE509, November 1945.
'A' Flight pilots and groundcrew line-up in front of Hurricane KX800 'E' at Megiddo.
No.6 Squadron armourers with a fully-loaded Hurricane.
LAC Peter Harris (front, left) in front of a silver-painted Hurricane.
Hurricanes under inspection at Ramat David, September 5, 1946.
A 6 Squadron Hurricane in a line-up at Ramat David, September 5, 1945.