Air Enthusiast 2006-09
K.Wilson - Taking a Hit /Post-war combat/
BDR damage on the tail and rudder of F-4C 63-7610. Former Indiana ANG F-4C 63-7471, in the background, has had the 'LN' base code added to its fin.
The sole BDR airframe at Fairford was this former Oregon ANG F-4C, 63-7699 and it remained inside for most of its residency.
Former Texas ANG F-4C 63-7449 was utilised in a number of logistics exercises at Upper Heyford.
Probably the most striking of all BDR F-4 Phantoms used in the UK was the former New York ANG F-4C 63-7414. It underwent little BDR activity before going to the Midland Air Museum.
Former Michigan ANG F-4C 64-0707 arrived at Mildenhall in 1986.
Retaining its VF-155 colour scheme from its days on the USS 'Coral Sea' F-4N 153008 was displayed at Alconbury's 1986 Open Day.
Former Kentucky ANG F-101F 56-0312 at Alconbury's Open Day in August 1986.
Bentwater's F-101B 58-0260 underwent a high level of BDR activity.
Early BDR training activity at Mildenhall was carried out on former French Air Force T-33A 16769.
Lockheed C-140A Jetstar, 62-4198 was a welcome addition to the BDR area at Mildenhall, although its activities could better be described as GIA rather than battle damage.
The cockpit of the Mildenhall C-140A was completely intact.
F-105G 62-4434 was soon painted in 'European 1' camouflage for its BDR activities at Lakenheath.
F-105G 54-2212 was allocated to BDR activities at Upper Heyford but it seems that some people had other ideas for it! It remained on display at the base until transferred to Croughton in 1993.
Woodbridge utilised a number of former French Air Force Mystere IVAs as decoys. One unidentified airframe was also utilised in a BDR role, painted drab olive and coded ‘003’.
Mystere IVA 104 at Bentwaters showing the results of BDR training.
Mystere IVA 241 was used in the Lakenheath BDR area as ‘2’.
At Upper Heyford Mysteres 46 and 36 were both painted in a 'European 1' style camouflage and coded ’EABDR 9’ and '8' respectively. Extensive BDR activity is evident.