Air Enthusiast 2007-07
D.Gordon - Last of the Best /Post-war combat/ (1)
An RF-80A in company with its stablemate at Spangadahlem, an RB-26 of the 1st TRS, 10th TRW.
RF-101Cs of the 38th TRS refuelling from a KC-135 Stratotanker. The star motif on the tail was replaced with the wing badge in late 1963.
RF-101C 56-0072, one of the first to arrive for the 38th TRS.
At an Open House at Ramstein in 1965; RF-101C 56-0072 with its camera doors open for inspection.
Two RF-101Cs of the 38th TRS over France in 1959.
Capt Fred Muesegaes poses beside his RF-101 56-0216 at Ramstein prior to converting to the RF-4C Phantom, with suitable tribute.
RF-101C 56-0109 of the 38th TRS at the Paris Air Show in 1959. The initial markings worn by the 66th Voodoos were the same as those worn by the RF-84Fs.
An RF-84F on a flight from Aviano, Italy, to Wheelus AFB, Tripoli, Libya, September 1956.
Two 38th TRS RF-84FS on take-off roll at Hahn.
In July, 1956 the 38th TRS took part in a 'simulated forward air operation' at Hahn. Here is Dick Cathriner sitting in the aircraft assigned to 1st Lt Grayson Powell.
An RF-84F on the ramp at Pisa Air, Italy, in July 1956. This was the only RF-84F in the 38th TRS equipped with two 230-gallon external fuel tanks.
38th TRS, the last of the best
RF-84F 52-7313 is flying over the Atlas mountains. The single green fuselage band outlined in white, mark this as a flight commander's aircraft.
In autumn 1956 the 10th TRW received its first RF-84s destined for the 32nd and 38th TRS.
Flying over the Bavarian Alps in 1956 a 38th TRS RF-84F in the company of a 32nd TRS example.
RF-80A 45-8391 flown by 1st Lt Robert H Clark flies in close formation with the cameraman Lt Dick Cathriner. The markings for the RF-80s were changed in 1955 to the scheme illustrated.
Somewhere over the Rhine in the vicinity of Weisbaden in September 1955 RF-80A 45-8391 flown by 1st Lt. Robert H Clark makes a swift departure.
RF-80A 44-85330 at 'Spang' in 1954. It was converted to recce configuration from a P-80A; note the distinctive hump in the nose contours
2nd Lt Grayson Powell perched on his RF-80A at Spangdahlem in 1954.
A lone RF-80A flies over Spangdahlem in spring 1954.
Four RF-80s of the 160th TRS, 117th TRW fly over the German landscape.
2nd Lt Ken Brumbeloe climbs aboard RF-80A 45-8463 under an overcast and wet sky at Spangdahlem in autumn 1954.
Two RF-80s after an unfortunate collision on the ground. One aircraft jumped its chocks and collided with others