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R.Clarke - Cloak and Dagger /World war two/
The Douglas Havoc was nimble enough for the ASCENSION role, but suffered from a cramped cabin for the operators.
VIPs visit the 161 Squadron ASCENSION dispersal area at Tempsford, April 1943. Far left is Flt Lt Maurice Whinney, OC of the project. This is the only known photo of a Sussex Havoc (left) and a Hudson
Havoc I AW399 'MA-Z'; the first of two UHF aerials can be seen pointing downward amidships on the starboard side. As the Allies gained air superiority, Sussex flights were made in daylight and the Havocs flew in PRU blue.
A 138 Squadron ‘special duties' Halifax II in Egypt.
Wellington P2521 'MA-V' of 161 Squadron was used for the first ASCENSION 'op' on April 8,1941.
Anson I NK720 was used by Whinney throughout Operation ASCENSION.
Flt Lt M J Whinney at the controls of Anson NK720.
Lockheed's Hudson (Mk.III illustrated) was the optimum aircraft for ascension sorties.
Mitchell III, of the type used by 226 Squadron for the Sussex flights.