Air Enthusiast 2007-07
T.Buttler - Crusader Rivals /'Paper planes' - projects/
Had Lockheed's L-242 project won the OS-130 competition, it might have meant that something similar to this pre-series YF-104A Starfighter could have been seen operating from carriers.
Lockheed L-242-1, circa February 1953.
The XF8U-1 with its family forebear, the F7U-3 Cutlass.
The prototype XF8U-1 138900 showing the variable incidence wing.
XF8U-1 138900 landing at Edwards, California. The function of the VI wing is apparent.
Chance Vought V-384, dated January 6, 1953. Although very similar to the V-383, this design, with its Pratt & Whitney J65, was smaller.
Chance Vought V-383, dated January 6, 1953.
Manufacturer's display model of the Grumman Model 97.
Grumman G-97, dated February 20,1953. The drawing shows the fighter carrying four Sparrow missiles and an underfuselage store.
North American Navy fighter project, which is thought to be the company's submission to OS-130. This drawing has been put together from two photographs of a manufacturer’s model.
McDonnell Model 90, dated February 28,1953.
One could be forgiven for thinking that this might be a model of a version of the Douglas's F4D Skyray, but is the very handsome Northrop N-94. The model was made by John Hall
Northrop N-94, dated February 16, 1953.