Aviation Historian 13
OUR TRIBUTE TO the late David Lockspeiser in TAH8 included the story of how the designer and test pilot was prevented from demonstrating his Lockspeiser Land Development Aircraft on the last commercial day of the 1975 Paris Air Show - by a swarm of bees which settled on the canopy moments before he could climb aboard. The photograph, which has subsequently come to light, captures the scene, as an airport fireman tries unsuccessfully to sweep the swarm into a plastic crate, rather diverting visitors’ attention from Tupolev Tu-144 CCCP-77144 and Ilyushin Il-76 CCCP-76500/366 in the background. The bees, which were eventually washed off using fire-extinguisher foam, actually did Lockspeiser a big favour, because when he was taxying the LDA later that day the starboard main undercarriage leg sheared off owing to a welding fault. Had it happened on take-off or landing on the demo flight, the consequences could have been serious - both personally and commercially.
With its refuelling boom fully extended, KC-97L 52-0905 of the Wisconsin ANG performs a flyby as part of a memorable display at Green ham Common in July 1973. This aircraft has been preserved and is currently on display as a ‘‘gate guardian” at the Wisconsin ANG’s base at Volk Field.
The remains of a Supermarine Swift in Manchester's Droylsden scrapyard.
Single-seat Royal Aircraft Factory R.E.5 380