Aviation Historian 18
Four Black Widows and a Reporter prepare to depart Clinton County AAF. Note other Operation Thunderstorm aircraft in the background, including Flying Fortresses and Skymasters.
Molotov in conversation in front of his Petlyakov Pe-8/TB-7 bomber transport, presumably at Gander, Newfoundland, on May 6, 1942;
A splendid view of the Pe-8 on a hardstanding at Gander. The origins of these images are uncertain, although they look like prints of official pictures; Philip reports that ‘‘They were advertised on eBay around 2002 and I think I was the only bidder, buying them for a pittance, under ten dollars if I remember correctly. They came to me (in St John’s, Newfoundland) from a person in the USA - my impression at the time was that a serviceman had them in his possession and when he died the pictures found their way into hands that simply sold them on eBay”.
Breaking for the border? Racing Spitfire FR.XIVe TZ138/N5505A, date and location of photograph unknown. The “Imperial Oil Ltd” legend is still faintly visible above the cheatline on the forward fuselage.
Inspired by our article on Sweden’s ASJA Sk 10 military trainer in TAH17, reader Ned Reif has produced this paper model. Working from the scale drawings we published, Ned employed various computer programs to create the model in flat form, then used a colour laser copier to print it on 120gsm A3 silver paper, before cutting the components out and assembling by hand.