English Electric P.17 / P.22
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1957

The P.22 with weapons deployed, ready for launch. The deployment sequence was as follows: bomb bay rotates to expose weapons bay; trapeze lowers; weapon is launched; trapeze retracts; bomb bay rotates to closed position.
Had interceptor development been allowed to continue, three of the front-runners would have been the Fairey Delta 3 with Red Hebe missiles, and English Electric’s P.22 (with a rotary weapons bay) and P.23 Lightning derivative (with a mixed weapons load).
Rotatable bomb­bay sequence with various weapons loads. The rotary bomb bay proposed for the P.22 was based on a design invented and trademarked by the Glenn L. Martin company in the USA, which used the idea on its experimental three-engined bomber/ground-attack aircraft, the XB-51, although the type was never put into production.