Sidney Camm triplane glider
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1919

In the issue of newsprint magazine entitled "Work: The Illustrated Weekly Journal of Handicrafts" for March 15,1919, I came upon the first part of a feature entitled Building a Triplane Glider. This includes a full-page general­arrangement drawing (see here) with added detail sketches. But it is not by Fred; it is signed "S. Camm". The second part, in the issue for March 22 the same year, completes the instructions for building the glider and provides a few more detail sketches.
Structural details of the Camm triplane glider as published in the second half of the two-part series published in two issues of Work during March 1919. This panel shows illustrations of fittings for the various components required to complete Sydney Camm’s previously unknown design.