Vickers Vernon
Vickers - Vernon - 1921 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1921

Vickers F.B.27 Vimy, Vimy Commercial и Vernon

Vickers F.B.27 Vimy, Vimy Commercial и Vernon

   Последним в семействе Vimy/Vimy Commercial был бомбардировщик/транспортный самолет Vernon, использовавшийся ВВС для полицейских операций в Ираке с 1921 года. Служившие в 45-й и 70-й эскадрильях в Хинаиди под Багдадом, эти самолеты использовались не только по прямому назначению, но и в качестве санитарных, а также сыграли важную роль при создании воздушной почтовой линии Каир - Багдад.
   Вариант Vernon Mk I (построено 20) мало отличался от Vimy Commercial, но Vernon Mk II (25) оснастили 450-сильными (336 кВт) ПД Napier Lion II, a Vernon Mk III (10) получил двигатели Lion III, увеличенный запас топлива и масляно-пневматические амортизаторы шасси. С 1927 года на смену Vernon пришел Vickers Victoria.
The Vernon I prototype (J6864) which was probably originally the Vimy-Commercial which took part in the Civil Aircraft Competitions at Martlesham Heath in August 1920.
Another photograph of the Vernon I prototype (J6864) for the R.A.F.
Vickers "Vernon" (Two Napier "Lions"). The Vickers "Vernon" is a development of the famous "Vimy" and its commercial version, which latter has been in service on the London-Continental air routes of Imperial Airways. It is a twin-engined biplane with a large circular section fuselage forming, in the forward half, a roomy cabin with «de windows. The pilot's cockpit is located high up in the nose of the fuselage. It is employed mainly as a troop transport, or as an aerial ambulance, in the Middle East, No. 45 Squadron being thus equipped.
The Vickers Vernon was the first RAF aircraft designed specifically for military airlift and was used mainly in Iraq.
В 1920-х годах Vernon широко использовались британскими ВВС для полицейских операций на Ближнем Востоке. Этот 12-местный бомбардировщик/транспортный самолет Vernon с двигателями Napier Lion, принадлежавший 45-й бомбардировочной эскадрилье, сфотографирован над рекой Тигр в 1923-1924 годах.
A rebuilt Vickers Vernon, JR6904.
Санитарный Vernon Mk II, J7143, позже переоборудованный до стандарта Mk III.
Vickers Vernon J7541 flying over the River Tigres, Baghdad in 1927. The Vernon was a troop carrier powered by two 450 h.p. Napier Lion engines. J7541 flew with No 70 Sqn and Plt Off Spaight and Mr Steer are just visible in the cockpit. Note the inspection panels on the top wing.
Vickers Vernon J7144 was originally ordered as a Vimy ambulance, note the red cross under the near side lower wing, and was used in the Middle East for casualty evacuation.
A Vickers Vernon leaving Heliopolis, Egypt, for Baghdad.
A Vernon Mk I of 45 Squadron, believed to be J7134 Valkyrie.
The 25-seater Vickers Vernon, J6976, at the 1923 pageant.
A bustling scene at Hinaidi, south of Baghdad, with mail being loaded aboard the Vickers Vernons of No 70 Sqn for the flight westwards along the Furrow.
VICKERS "VERNONS" AT BAGHDAD: Our photograph shows a squadron of twin-engined Vickers-Napier "Vernons" at Hinaidi Aerodrome, Baghdad. These machines are used as bombers and troop-carriers, and are also employed for transporting mails on the Royal Air Force Mail Route between Cairo and Baghdad.
A line up of Vernons at Hinaidi, Baghdad in 1925 with J6874 Assyrian in the foreground.
King Faisal I, seen here being greeted by Sir Henry Dobbs (left), High Commissioner to the Kingdom of Iraq, beside an RAF Vickers Vernon on the King’s return to Iraq from the UK in 1927. Faisal was declared King of Iraq in March 1921, largely under the supervision of the British, who were responsible for maintaining Mandatory Power within the nation. He died of a heart attack, aged 48, in Switzerland in 1933.
Interior view of a Vernon showing stretcher (top) and troop seats. AID checks ensured that all airframe attachments were secured against vibration.
Vickers Vernon J7144 after nosing over during a visit to Hinaidi, Iraq, in the 1920s. This hardy bomber-transport aircraft gave good service in the Middle East at this time, perhaps the most well-known of its operations being the Cairo-Baghdad Air Mail run. This particular Vernon was one of two originally ordered as Vimy Ambulances.
A rather bent Vickers Vernon troop carrier. J7139 was probably a 45 Squadron (Hinaidi) aircraft. It was powered by two 450 h.p. Napier Lions and carried 12 passengers and two crew. This squadron was the first to receive Vernons into service and in company with 70 Squadron did much of the flying on the Cairo-Baghdad air mail route.
A short break from removing a Napier Lion engine from a crashed Vickers Vernon transport. Vernons served with Nos 45 and 70 Sqns in Iraq from 1922 until 1927, when the type was superseded by the Victoria.