Replica Plans S.E.5a
Replica Plans - S.E.5a - 1970 - Канада
Страна: Канада
Год: 1970

Gordon Bain's photograph introduces Mike Beach's beautiful little Replica Plans scale S.E.5a.
This photograph, taken by DENIS CALVERT, features a scale reproduction S.E.5A flying at this year's Cerny Ferte Alais in May 1983. The aircraft is presumably built from plans produced by the Canadian company Replica Plans of Richmond B.C. The colour scheme of the 85 per cent replica appears to be that of the Belgian Aviation Militaire.
The first Replica Plans 7/8 scale S.E.5a to fly in Europe is G-BDWJ, built by Mike Beach and seen during its maiden flight at Booker on April 29, 1978.
Mike Beach's 7/8 scale S.E.5a G-BDWJ in the colours of the 25th Pursuit Squadron, USAS, at Booker
Replica Plans SE-5A.
Four-fifth scale S.E.5A G-BDWJ on its trailer at Sywell 2/7/77;
This seven-eighths scale SE.5A in the French ULM category weighs only 150kg empty and is registered 50CJ. It was designed and built at Arranches by Gilles Beaufils.