Replica Plans S.E.5a
Replica Plans - S.E.5a - 1970 - Канада
Страна: Канада
Год: 1970

Gordon Bain's photograph introduces Mike Beach's beautiful little Replica Plans scale S.E.5a.
The first Replica Plans 7/8 scale S.E.5a to fly in Europe is G-BDWJ, built by Mike Beach and seen during its maiden flight at Booker on April 29, 1978.
Mike Beach's 7/8 scale S.E.5a G-BDWJ in the colours of the 25th Pursuit Squadron, USAS, at Booker
Replica Plans SE-5A.
Four-fifth scale S.E.5A G-BDWJ on its trailer at Sywell 2/7/77;
This seven-eighths scale SE.5A in the French ULM category weighs only 150kg empty and is registered 50CJ. It was designed and built at Arranches by Gilles Beaufils.