Heart ES-19 / ES-30
Страна: Швеция
Год: 2024

United Airlines hopes to start flying the ES-19 electric airliner from the mid-2020s
Heart's ES-19 has attracted 147 orders so far
Air Canada has provisionally signed for 30 ES-30s - and has become an investor in the manufacturer
The ES-30 will be a regional electric aircraft with a standard seating capacity of 30 passengers driven by electric motors with battery derived energy
Saab recently became an investor in the Swedish start-up
Heart Aerospace is building the ES-30 as an electric regional 30-seat aircraft
Orders of the previous ES-19 from United Airlines and Mesa Air Group for 200 electric aircraft and 100 options have been reconfirmed for the ES-30
The ES-30 will be produced at a purpose-built facility in Gothenburg
Swedish electric aircraft manufacturer Heart Aerospace unveiled significant design updates to its first electric aircraft in September 2022
Heart Aerospace plans to establish the world’s first commercial electric aircraft industry at Save Airport, in Gothenburg, Sweden
Heart’s mission is to create the world’s greenest, most affordable and most accessible form of transport