SAAB GlobalEye
SAAB - GlobalEye - 2018 - Швеция
Страна: Швеция
Год: 2018

GlobalEye on the runway. The UAE announced a launch order for two of the type in November 2015 at the Dubai Airshow, confirming an order for a third at IDEX in Abu Dhabi in February 2017; a further two were added at the Dubai Airshow last November.
Another first during 2020 was the delivery of two GlobalEyes to the UAEAF&AD, to be followed by a third later this year. In addition, Saab signed a contract for two further examples on December 30, 2020, which should be delivered by 2025
Saab’s Erieye radar, seen here fitted to a Bombardier Global 6000 in the GlobalEye configuration, is another radar contender available in the international market
In addition to the Gripen E fighter, Saab has included two GlobalEye Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) platforms in its offer
14 марта 2018г. с аэродрома в Линчепинге (Швеция) состоялся первый полет самолета дальнего радиолокационного обнаружения SAAB Global EYE, созданного шведской промышленной группой SAAB AB на базе планера дальнего административного самолета Bombardier Global 6000. «Глобал Ай» оснащен обзорной импульсно-допплеровской РЛС с фазированной антенной Ericsson Microwave System (SAAB AB) Erieye ER, способной обнаруживать воздушные цели на дальности до 480 км. На самолете также установлены многофункциональный радар Leonardo Seaspray 7500E AESA, который может обнаруживать одновременно до 300 надводных и наземных целей, а также оптико-локационная станция FLIR Systems Star Satire 380HD. Машина создана по заказу ВВС ОАЭ. Предусмотрена поставка трех самолетов на общую сумму более 1,5 млрд. USD.
Illuminated by glorious sunshine over the Baltic Sea, the first Saab GlobalEye aircraft for the United Arab Emirates Air Force made its maiden flight from Linkoping on March 14, 2018, cunningly disguised in Saab corporate markings.
Saab's GlobalEye airborne warning and control aircraft is a candidate replacement for the RAF's Sentry AEW1.
GlobalEye SE-RMY touches down after completing its maiden flight. The aircraft had not yet been outfitted with its full Swing Role Surveillance System (SRSS) suite.
Saab has included the GlobalEye airborne early warning and control aircraft in its offer, with an aircraft flying from Sweden with a Finnish team aboard for the HX Challenge.
The second Saab GlobalEye airborne early warning and control aircraft, registered SE-RMZ, made its maiden flight from the ER airborne radar and collected flight-test data for analysis on the ground.
The GlobalEye airborne early warning aircraft was unveiled at Linkoping, Sweden on February 23, 2018, in the markings of the United Arab Emirate Air Force.
Close up of the Star Satire 380HD targeting system and the Seaspray multimode radar.
The Swordfish will leverage the C4I system that Saab is developing for its Global 6000-based GlobalEye AEW capability.