Swoop Aero Kookaburra / Kite
Страна: Австралия
Год: 2021
Вертолет Беспилотный

The Skyports drone’s small payload makes it ideal for high-urgency, high-value deliveries
A Swoop Aero UAV operated by Skyports transported COVID-19-related items in a Scottish trial
Skyports’ vertical take-off drone transporting items to delivery points across the Isles of Scilly
Drones can help connect island communities that would otherwise be isolated
Drones are well suited to island deliveries, not being dependent on the tide
AIR MOBILITY company Skyports will work with Australian drone logistics developer Swoop Aero to establish unmanned cargo delivery networks in Europe and the Americas. Swoop recently launched its Kite cargo delivery UAV, which it says is “designed with precision for urban flight and high-impact rural and remote operations”.