Ryan AQM-34 / BQM-34 Firebee
Страна: США
Год: 1951

Remotely-controlled jet target drone
THE FIREBEE PROJECT was initiated in 1948 as a USAF contract with Ryan for a jet-powered gunnery-target drone. The first flight of the XQ-2 Firebee prototype took place in early 1951, with the drone having the option to be air-launched or ground-launched with booster rockets.
Среди послевоенных канадских Lancaster были два самолета модификации Mk 10DC - носители беспилотных летательных аппаратов. На этом экземпляре подвешен БЛА Ryan Firebee.
The Ryan Q-2C (Ryan Model 124) differed substantially from its Q-2A predecessor, with the air intake for the Continental J69 turbojet relocated to a “chin” position beneath a pointed nose. The subsonic (maximum speed Mach 0-96) Q-2C went into production in 1960 and was developed into the Model 147 reconnaissance variant in early 1962.
A Model 147SC/TV suspended beneath the wing of a DC-130. The latter was fitted with two drone-launch stations outboard of the outer engines and a drone compartment aft of the cockpit, accommodating two Launch Control Officers, an Airborne Recovery Control Officer and a radar technician who monitored the MCGS suite.
The AQM-34L/TV (Model 147SC/TV), a low-altitude SC Buffalo Hunter with a video camera and line-of-sight datalink, was introduced in June 1972, completing 121 operational missions in south-east Asia. This variant flew the last drone mission before hostilities ceased in Vietnam, and was used in 1973 for monitoring the peace.
The AQM-34M(L), a Model 147SDL with LORAN navigation equipment, was first fielded in August 1972 to address some of the navigational inaccuracies of the Model 147. This example, M-42L, seen mounted on the outer pylon of a DC-130 (with another good view of the additional MCGS radome on its nose) has six parachute markings on the fuselage above its wings, denoting six successful operational missions.
В полете разведывательный БПЛА AQM-34 «Файрби». Вьетнам, середина 1960-х гг.
Teledyne Ryan Model 147SC (AQM-34L) shortly after launch from its DC-130E director aircraft
Grim determination - AQM-34L (Ryan Model 147SC) Tom Cat of the 556th Reconnaissance Sqn (RS) flew 68 missions over North Vietnam before it was lost to anti-aircraft fire over Hanoi.
Разведывательный БПЛА AQM-34L «Файрби» в окраске периода Вьетнамской войны в экспозиции аэрокосмического музея в Пиме, США. Современное фото.
An AQM-34M (Model 147SD) Buffalo Hunter mounted on a ground handling cart undergoes electronics checks before a mission at U-Tapao in Thailand in the early 1970s. The Thai base was home to both the largest and the smallest assets - the B-52Ds in the background and the Ryan drones respectively - in SAC’s inventory.
A Lockheed DC-130 takes off with a pair of AQM-34Ms (Ryan Model 147Ds) on its outer wing pylons.
One of two Lancaster 10DCs modified to carry Ryan Firebee target missiles. The 10DC was a modification of the 10MR outfitted with wing pylons and missile operator's position in the rear.
Ryan BQM-34A Firebee target drone in ground-launch configuration
Ryan BQM-34A Firebee target drone in ground-launch configuration
BQM-34A Firebee I target drone dropping away from the launch pylon of a DC-130 Hercules carrier aircraft
US Navy BQM-34A Firebee I subsonic target, photographed shortly after separating from launch aircraft
Teledyne Ryan Model 124 Firebee I subsonic target drone of the US Air Force
Fuji-built Firebee I remotely-controlled target drone for the JMSDF
Fuji-built Firebee I target drone of the JMSDF
Ground launching of a Firebee I from the US Navy South Atlantic/Caribbean Sea Weapons Range at Cabras Island, Puerto Rico
US Army MQM-34D version of the Firebee I, taking off from ground launch pad with JATO bottle and fitted with Towbee targets for presentation to Chaparral infra-red missiles
US Army MQM-34D Firebee I with wingtip-mounted infra-red Towbee towed target
MQM-34D/MOD II version of the Firebee I, with General Electric J85 engine and nose Intake
MQM-34D/MOD II version of the Teledyne Ryan Firebee I, with General Electric J85 engine and nose intake
Teledyne Ryan 147NC (AQM-34H) drone with ALE-2 underwing chaff-dispensing pods, as used in USAF Combat Angel programme
Разведчик БПЛА AQM-34L "Файрби" в полете
Носитель беспилотных разведчиков DC-130E. Под крылом подвешен аппарат AQM-34L «Фаейрбее»
Teledyne Ryan 147SD (AQM-34M) RPV under the wing of a DC-130 Hercules director aircraft
Teledyne Ryan 147TE (AQM-34Q) RPV for medium-altitude communications intelligence-gathering. Note the data link antenna on top of the fin and the “mission score” on the fuselage
Teledyne Ryan Model 147TE remotely piloted vehicle (USAF designation AQM-34Q). Other versions of Model 147 are suspended from pylons of DC-130E launch aircraft in background
A technician inspects a dark-painted Ryan Model 147J mounted on the wing of a DC-130 at Bien Hda in April 1966, the month the 147J - essentially a 147G optimised for low-altitude work - began operations in south-east Asia. Between April 1966 and November 1967 the 147J flew a total of 94 sorties with a 65 per cent recovery rate.
A DC-130 departs on another Lightning Bug mission. Visible on the nose of the DC-130 is the smaller radome for the Microwave Command Guidance System (MCGS) that enabled in-flight control of the drone
Teledyne Ryan AQM-34R (Model 147TF) being launched from a USAF Lockheed DC-130E control aircraft
YAQM-34U Update version of the Model 147SC
DP-2E - носитель радиоуправляемых мишеней "Файрби" с авиабазы "Барберс Поинт", май 1969г.
DP-2E с мишенями "Файрби".
Firebee I descending by recovery parachute
Teledyne Ryan 234 (BGM-34A) fitted with a HOBOS homing bomb under its port wing
Shrike missile (starboard) and Mk IV bomb fitted under the wings of a Teledyne Ryan Model 234 (BGM-34A) strike RPV
BGM-34A (Model 234) remotely piloted vehicle, carrying a Maverick missile, on wing pylon of a DC-130E
Lockheed DC-130E Hercules director aircraft of the US Air Force, carrying Teledyne Ryan BGM-34A strike RPVs, each armed with a Shrike missile and a Mk IV bomb
Remote-controlled BGM-34A launching a Maverick missile under command from carrier aircraft
Аппарат BGM-34 с различным вооружением
Rollout ceremony for the first BGM-34B version of the Teledyne Ryan Model 234, in February 1973.
Pathfinder version of the BGM-34B, fitted with Philco-Ford nose package containing laser designator and LLLTV camera
Pathfinder version of the BGM-34B, fitted with Aeronutronic Ford nose package containing laser designator and LLLTV camera
Firebee II
US Air Force BQM-34F version of the Firebee II, being positioned on ground launcher
Teledyne Ryan Model 166 Firebee II supersonic target, in production for the US Air Force and Navy
Rear view of BQM-34E Firebee II supersonic target drone under wing of a DP-2E Neptune launch aircraft. Note the jettisonable ventral fuel pod
US Navy BQM-34E Firebee II, launched from a Neptune control aircraft over the Atlantic Fleet Weapons Range near San Juan, Puerto Rico
US Air Force BQM-34F Firebee II supersonic target drone, with ventral fuel pod still attached
Water pickup of a Firebee II. Note the inflated flotation bag at the rear of the drone
Под крылом Ту-4 беспилотный разведчик "Чанг Хонг I"
Хотя сверхзвуковые истребители МиГ-21 начали поступать на вооружение ВВС ДРВ уже в 1965г., в кампании того года они не сыграли никакой роли, а их первым трофеем стал сбитый 14 марта 1966г. американский ДПЛА "Firebee".
Американский беспилотный разведчик Firebee, сбитый зенитным огнем над Вьетнамом.
Сбитый высотный беспилотный разведчик, 10 июля 1970г.
Currently-identifiable range of drones and RPVs designed by Teledyne Ryan, including 24 members of the Model 147 family