Filippi Cyrnopterre
Страна: Франция
Год: 1907
Вертолет (проект)

A photograph of Filippi’s 1907 “Cyrnoptere”, probably never completed.
Another view of Filippi’s incomplete 1907 Cyrnoptere, a three-wheeled flying-car/roadable flying-machine with apparently little more than a bicycle saddle for accommodation.
This contemporary postcard shows the CINA display enclosure at the 1912 Exposition Aeronautique in Paris, with the sleigh, on Nivert articulated skis, partly obscured by the wing at bottom right. The Cyrnoptere testbed is in the centre, with a collection of Cyrnos wings on stands scattered throughout CINA’s display.
This illustration from a 1906 Austrian patent awarded to Filippi appears to show a rather complex early version of his Cyrnoptere idea, with a detail appearing to show the lower bearing for one of the rotor shafts. Unfortunately no key is available!