Short S.41 / RNAS 42 seaplane
Short - S.41 / RNAS 42 seaplane - 1912 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1912

Short. Самолеты 1909-1914 годов

   Адмиралтейство заказало еще два биплана с тянущими винтами - S.41 и S.45. Первый был оснащен 14-цилиндровым ротативным ПД Gnome Omega мощностью 100 л. с. (75 кВт) и вскоре был переделан в гидросамолет, как и меньший по размерам S.45 с двигателем Gnome в 70 л.с. (52 кВт). Более крупный самолет оказался удачнее, и еще три машины (S.48 - S.50), заказанные Адмиралтейством, были поставлены Центральной летной школе в Апейвоне в феврале 1913 года.
1912 HYDROPLANE. In the historical survey of aircraft designed and built by the brothers Short (Air Pictorial, March-June 1957) the famous Short S.41 ("Hydroplane of the British Navy") was not illustrated. This view shows the prototype in the hands of that remarkable pilot, Lt. (later Commander) C. R. Samson, taking off prior to participating in the Review of the Grand Fleet off Weymouth, 8th May 1912. No record of numbers built appears to exist, but production S.41s were still engaged in North Sea anti-submarine patrols as late as mld-1915. Power: 100-h.p. Gnome rotary; maximum speed, a doubtful 60 m.p.h. Duration, approx. 5 hours. Built at Eastchurch, Isle of Sheppey.
S.41 - биплан, использовался военными моряками. Он мог быть оснащен колесным или поплавковым шасси, но чаще использовался в качестве гидросамолета для проведения различных испытаний.
Гидроплан "Шорт" типа "улучшеный S.41" (серийный номер 20), который в апреле 1913г. испытывал Чарлз Гордон-Белл.
Marking the 75th anniversary of the formation of the Royal Flying Corps, Arms and Armour Press has published "Britain's First Warplanes", an impressive pictorial survey by J M Bruce of the first 400 aircraft to which serial numbers were given by the RFC and RNAS. Among them was the Short S.57 tractor seaplane (20) used by the RNAS from 1913 to early 1916;
The original Short seaplane, flown by Commander.Samson in 1912. It was fitted with a 100-h.p. Gnome.
In Full Flight: The original Short seaplane, Type S.41.
With the S.41 (100 h.p. Gnome) Shorts, in 1912, laid the foundation for their famous seaplanes. The machine in the picture was piloted by Commander Samson, and the passenger was Mr. Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty.
Colin Ashford's study of a Short S 41 of 1913 in water colour.