Santos-Dumont Demoiselle
Страна: Франция
Год: 1907

Santos Dumont No.14 bis и Demoiselle

  Затем Сантос-Дюмон спроектировал и построил легкий аэроплан Santos-Dumont Demoiselle на основе Santos-Dumont No.19 и более прочный Santos-Dumont No.20.
  Поздние варианты Demoiselle с 2-цилиндровым мотором Darracq мощностью 30 л. с. считались самыми совершенными самолетами своего времени.
  Demoiselle также стал первым в мире самолетом, который строился серийно: с 1908 года 50 аэропланов Demoiselle No.19 изготовила французская фирма «Clement-Bayard».
Реплика "Демуазели".
The Santos-Dumont No. 19, first flown in November 1907, powered by a 20hp Dutheil-Chalmers engine, only managed three hops, the longest of which covered 656 feet. After being damaged on the 21 st of the same month it was put in 'mothballs' until the close of the following year. The No. 19 had followed a barren period for Santos-Dumont, who, after the success of his No. 14bis, produced a series of unsuccessful designs. The No. 19 must have come near to totally dispiriting its designer, who was aiming a producing a light aircraft for leisure use. Re-emerging in late 1908 as the No. 19bis, the reworked machine this time stubbornly refused to leave the ground. With gritted teeth, the expatriate Brazilian set about a further re-build, this time re-numbered as the No. 20 of March 1909. Vindicated at last by the success of his No. 20 Demoiselle, Santos-Dumont is generally considered to be the father of the high wing light-plane tourers of the late 1920s onwards
Santos-Dumont Demoiselle.
Реплика наиболее удачно летавшего самолета Сантос-Дюмона "Демуазель"
The picture shows the Santos Dumont "Demoiselle" of 1910, a tiny "Tow-pilot" monoplane of only a little over 16 ft. span. It flew somewhat erratically and was apparently a handful for its pilot.
Leading the History of Flight flypast was this 65 h.p. Continental-powered Demoiselle replica.
BOURNEMOUTH-1910: Some of the "Slight 'Planes." (5) Audemars in the Clement-Bayard Santos Dumont type "Demoiselle" monoplane, which was known as the "Angry Wasp" and caused much amusement during the meeting.
Hughes at the controls of Doug Bianchi’s Santos-Dumont Demoiselle reproduction during the making of Those Magnificent Men ... in 1965.
An Eardley Billing Biplane reproduction swooping over the Demoiselle during the shooting of that 20th Century Fox classic Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, released in 1965.
Финальной конструкцией Сантос-Дюмона стал самолет Demoiselle. Бразилец (на фотографии за рулем автомобиля) стал хорошим примером для множества энтузиастов авиации. Его Demoiselle оказал огромное влияние на конструкции большого количества самолетов эпохи зарождения авиации. Demoiselle также можно назвать первым в мире самолетом для «домашней» сборки.