Rollason Beta
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1966

Single-seat ultra-light sporting aircraft
21 апреля 1967г.: одноместный гоночный самолет Beta стал последней серийной машиной "Rollason" и предназначался для авиагонок Формула 1.
Luton Beta B.2s G-ATLY and G-AWHV (note shorter legs) came first and second respectively in the 1969 Manx Air Derby
Rollason Beta B2 single-seat sporting monoplane (90 hp Continental engine)
Top speed of the Beta B.2, on 90 h.p., is 195 m.p.h.
Formula I racing does not yet enjoy the support in Britain that it is given in the USA, but a start has been made. Pictured are the ill-fated Owl Racer (which crashed May 1971) leading a Cassutt Racer and a couple of Rollason Betas in one of the first UK Formula I events.
Cockpit of G-AWHV, the Beta used in this air test
Luton Group Beta single-seat racing aircraft