Beagle Pup / B.121
Beagle - Pup / B.121 - 1967 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1967

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Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Beagle B.121 Pup (UK)
  Four versions of the Pup were produced by Beagle: the Pup-100 fully aerobatic light aircraft with accommodation for two adults and powered by a 74.5 kW (100 hp) Rolls-Royce/Continental O-200-A flat-four engine, deliveries beginning in April 1968; the Pup-150 with seating for two adults but with an optional seat for a third adult or two children and powered by a 112 kW (150 hp) Lycoming O-320-A2B engine; the Pup-160 with a 119kW (160 hp) Lycoming O-320-D2C engine; and the Pup-200 with a 149 kW (200 hp) Continental engine. A total of 128 Pups had been delivered by the close of 1969. when a further 267 aircraft were on order. However the company went into liquidation and the Pup was developed into the Bull­dog by Scottish Aviation.
8 апреля 1967г.: заслужив успех на гражданском рынке, Beagle Pup затем под именем Bulldog стал не менее известным военным учебно-тренировочным самолетом.
Beagle Pup prototype G-AVDF made its first flight from Shoreham on 8 April 1967. 174 were produced when Beagle's collapsed at end 1971.
Beagle Pup.
The Fo.124 design was conceived in mid-1946. In April 1967 Beagle flew the first Pup, which was aimed at a very similar market. In the background is a Pup 150 for Sweden, and in the foreground is a Pup 160 for the Iranian Civil Air Training Organisation.
Ronald Porteous in the Pup-100, G-AVZM, pulls out at the end of his eight - turn smoke-trailing spin
Pup Ser. 2 G-AWKK at Farnborough 18/9/68, seconds before the side panels were stripped off to reveal U.S. markings N557MA;
Pup Ser. 2 OE-CUP, c/n. 037, at Shoreham 28/3/69
The BEAGLE M.117 - a single engine, two seat version of the M.218.