Convair CV-110
Страна: США
Год: 1946

A development span of nearly nine years separates the current CV-440 Metropolitan and Convair's original experimental post-war air liner, the Model 110, from which the Convair-Liner series sprang (photo). Only the shape of the wing and tail assembly of the CV-440 gives a clue to its parentage.
The Convair 110 was essentially a prototype for the Convair 240 but possessed smaller overall dimensions and less power.
The discovery of 1956! Many English experts are amazed to learn that the Convair-liner's precursor, the Model 110, was in fact built and flown. Here, through the good offices of Warren M. Bodie of N. Hollywood, Calif., we can illustrate for the first time the one-off prototype, NX90653.