Мясищев М-18 / М-20
Страна: Россия
Год: 1972

Модель самолета М-20 по схеме "утка" с пакетным расположением двигателей
Модель бомбардировщика М-20
Project M-20-21 was a variable-geometry canard.
One of the M-20 variant TV designs very much resembled the American AMSA.
Модель бомбардировщика М-18
Wing of the M-20-4 (M-18) in fully swept back configuration.
Модель самолета М-18 в конфигурации со сложенным и разложенным крылом. Хорошо видна общая аэродинамическая компоновка, схожая с компоновкой будущего бомбардировщика Ту-160
The fourth and final design of the M-20 bomber. This model can also be considered as a model for the M-18 because the only difference between the two aircraft was the internal construction, with aluminium used instead of titanium and steel.
This swing-wing canard bomber is the second of four considered layouts (note small 00000002 number on the tailfin root) of the Myasishchev M-20 intercontinental Mach 3 bomber of 1968.
A line-up of flightless supersonic strategic bombers, sandwiched between the M-50 and the Tu-160.
M-20-2 of the so-called M-20 variant I and is a variable geometry aircraft in classic configuration, similar to the F-111 or Su-24.
Один из проектов самолета М-20
M-20-9, a delta flying wing with a laminar flow system.
M-20-11, an anti-submarine warfare version different from bomber variant, the M-20-10 by additional 360° observation radar installed under the nose, as well as by prolonged and thicker rear part of fuselage containing the ASW equipment.
M-20-14, of the M-20 variant II designs.
Проект М-20 с интегральным фюзеляжем и поворотными консолями крыла, имеющими небольшие размеры
M-20-18, representing the M-20 variant III design and powered by six engines.
Вариант самолета М-20 с поворотными консолями большого размаха
Проект самолета М-20 с пакетным расположением двигателей
M-20-21 (M-20 variant III), a variable-geometry canard with package arrangement of four Kuznetsov turbofans.
M-20-23, a design of the series M-20 variant IV. Note additional conformal fuel tanks attached under engine nacelles.
Проект М-20 с отдельными двигательными гондолами
M-20-24 was a successive tail-less design with controlled wing flow.
Проект М-20 по схеме "летающее крыло" с управлением ламинарным обтеканием