Voisin Canard
Страна: Франция
Год: 1911

Гидросамолет Вуазен "Канар"
The Voisin Brothers were among the first, along with Glenn Curtiss in the US, to follow Fabre's successful pioneering of waterborne powered flight. Here is one of several Voisin Canard, or tail-first biplane floatplanes produced during 1911. Voisin canards with both three and four pontoons were built. The three-pontoon type seen here had wheels added at a later date. In this modified guise, the machine took off from Issy airfield, with the Voisins' partner, Maurice Colliex, at the controls, to land on the river Seine. This flight, made in August 1911 is the first recorded successful flight by a waterborne aircraft. Note the Voisins' adoption of the aileron in place of wing warping.
Вуазен "Канар"в Монте-Карло