Air Tractor AT-800
Air Tractor - AT-800 - 1990 - США
Страна: США
Год: 1990

Одноместный противопожарный самолет
Air Tractor Model AT-800

   В конце 80-х годов рост требований к сельскохозяйственному самолету совпал с ростом востребованности на рынке противопожарных самолетов. В этих условиях фирма "Leland Snow" приступила к проектированию нового самолета, более крупных размеров и с более мощной силовой установкой, чем все самолеты, ранее спроектированные фирмой. Результатом стал самолет AirTractor Model AT-800, разработка которого началась в июле 1989 года. Первый полет первый из двух прототипов выполнил 30 октября 1990 года.
   Большие размеры и большая масса самолета потребовала от конструкторов использования двигателя PT6A, стандартного для всех самолетов AirTractor поздних модификаций, в варианте увеличенной мощности. Винт оставили прежним - пятилопастный реверсивный металлический Hartzell с постоянной частотой вращения. Емкость топливных баков увеличили до 946 л, а емкость баков (два бака между двигателем и кабиной и один небольшой бак за кабиной) для химических реагентов - до 3066 л.
   Известно три модификации базовой модели AT-800: Model AT-802, Model AT-802A и Model AT-802AF. Двухместный сельскохозяйственный и учебно-тренировочный самолет Model AT-802 получил сертификат летной годности в апреле 1993 года. Самолет AT-802A выполнил первый полет 6 июля 1992 года, данный вариант представляет собой одноместную модификацию самолета Model AT-802 с той же самой силовой установкой и близкими весовыми данными. Model AT-802AF представляет собой одноместную противопожарную версию самолета Model AT-802.


   Air Tractor Model AT 802AF

   Тип: одноместный противопожарный самолет
   Силовая установка: один турбовинтовой двигатель Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-67AG или -67AF мощностью 1350 л. с.
   Характеристики: максимальная скорость на уровне моря 338 км/ч; максимальная крейсерская скорость на высоте 1675 м 314 км/ч; максимальная скороподъемность на уровне моря 244 м/мин; практический потолок 3960 м; дальность полета 805 км
   Массы: пустого снаряженного 2858 кг в сельскохозяйственном варианте и 3025 кг в противопожарном варианте; максимальная взлетная 7257 кг
   Размеры: размах крыла 17,68 м; длина 11,07м
Самолет Model AT-802 за счет наличия двухместной кабины может использоваться в качестве учебно-тренировочного.
Air Tractor AT-802AF firefighter in action (1998)
A variety of aircraft, both large and small, have been employed to combat the fires raging in Australia. Infantrymen from the 1st/19th Battalion, Royal NSW Regiment, rush to load an AT802 Air Tractor fire bomber with fire retardant at Canberra Airport.
The first of seven Air Tractors arrive at Dov Field on March 31, 2011.
AVIALSA was the first European operator of the Fire Boss and the second worldwide.
Air Tractor AT-802A cropsprayer (1998)
Air Tractor AT-802A Fire Boss Z3-BGU (c/n 802A-0313) of the Macedonian Protection and Rescue Directorate's Aviation Unit was seen overflying Albania on its way to Spain in late October 2010. It was accompanied by Z3-BGT (c/n 802A-0280) - both of the fire-fighters having flown from their home base at Skopje-Alexander the Great International Airport to Valencia in Spain for an annual inspection by Avialsa T-35 SL, one year after being delivered to Macedonia on November 8, 2009. Work was completed on November 24, 2010, and they returned to Ohrid-St Paul the Apostle International Airport on December 19. The third Macedonian Fire Boss (Z3-BGV, c/n 802A-0329) was delivered on March 1, 2010. The fleet's main base is at Skopje, and Ohrid is used as an alternative and forward-operating base in the summer.
Air Tractor 802F
Macedonia’s Protection and Rescue Directorate has three AT-802F Fire Bosses, which were delivered in 2009 and 2010. After hand over they completed a nine-hour ferry flight from Valencia (where the crews were trained by AVIALSA) to Skopje in Macedonia.
AVIALSA T-35's Valencia Airport facility, which will be replaced this year by a new base at Viver.
The Hrvatsko Ratno Zrakoplovstvo (Croatian Air Force) has recently taken delivery of three float-equipped amphibious Air Tractor AT-802A Fire Boss aircraft to augment the sole-surviving (wheeled) AT-802 previously acquired. A contract for the purchase of the three aircraft, appropriate training and support equipment was signed in Zagreb on November 28, 2007. This aircraft (894, c/n AT802A-0258) was the first to arrive in Croatia on March 2, 2008 and was used to train pilots in floatplane techniques. The other two joined it at Zemunik Air Base near Zadar on May 3, still wearing the temporary Spanish registrations EC-KJB and EC-KRZ. The aircraft are operated alongside Croatia's Bombardier 415s in the 855th Protupozarna Eskadrilla (Aerial Fire-Fighting Squadron).
The undersides of a Fire Boss, showing the attachment points to refill the tanks.
From the Boeing 747 tanker to the Air Tractor AT-802F, a range of both fixed and rotary wing types are used to tackle fires.
The full spectrum of fixed-wing firefighting aircraft was represented at AFF 2016 ranging from the Amphibious Air Tractor AT-802F single engine air tanker (SEAT) in the foreground, to the Boeing 747-446 very large air tanker in the background. The land based AT-802F has a 800 gallon (3,028 litre) capacity tank, while the amphibious Fire Boss model can operate between 600 and 800 gallons (2,271 - 3,028 litres) per load. If a fire is located a mile or less from a water source the amphibious 802F can deliver 14,000 gallons (52,995 litres) over a one-hour period.
The AT-802F Fire Boss is one of the leading aircraft in the single engine air tanker (SEAT) category, with over 85 in operation worldwide. Built by an alliance between Air Tractor of Olney, Texas and Fire Boss of South St Paul, Minnesota, the versatile Fire Boss can scoop up and deliver nearly 800 gallons at a time. It can also be operated as a land-based tanker capable of carrying 78 gallons of foam retardant. Built in 2016, N776AS (c/n 802A-0648), Tanker 241, is one of six Fire Boss AT-802F aircraft in the Air Spray USA fleet.
Powered by the 1,600shp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-67F turbine engine, the AT-802F can cruise at 150 knots, while slowing to 105 knots for an accurate drop. A computerized pilot interface system allows coverage levels to be controlled during the drop from 0.5 to 4 gallons per 100ft2, or achieve the maximum 6.0 coverage when dropped all at once. With a 2.5-hour fuel endurance, the Fire Boss can deliver over 10,000 gallons per hour, with a turnaround time of four minutes, when the fire is within five miles of a water source.
Seen on the ramp at Banjul-Yundum International Airport, Gambia, in July 2005 was the Gambian Air Force’s sole aircraft, former Georgian Air Force Su-25 '81 Blue', which arrived at Banjul in April 2004, still in full Georgian markings, but has now had a Gambian flag applied to the fin. To its right are Air Tractor AT-802As DOSA-1 and DOSA-2, which were handed-over to the Gambian Government at Banjul on April 23 after completing a ferry flight from the USA. They will be used for pest control and fire-fighting.
Хорватский сельхозсамолет AT-400 "Эйр трактор". Несколько таких машин было в 1991г. включено в состав новорожденных хорватских ВВС.
Самолет "Эйр Трактор" AT-802F 885-й противопожарной эскадрильи
"Москитный" самолет-танкер "Air Tractor" AT-802 фирмы Conair Aviation
Air Tractor AT-802 two-seat agricultural aircraft with extra side view of AT-802A single-seater (1996)