Queen Twin Monoplane
Страна: США
Год: 1912

Единственный экземпляр
A three-quarter-rear view of the Queen twin monoplane in the company’s factory shortly after its completion in 1912.
A starboard side view of the Queen monoplane at the former Fort George Amusement Park, showing the somewhat fragile nature of its design and construction, including a cumbersome undercarriage arrangement and the rather inadequate-looking tail booms. Unsurprisingly, it was withdrawn from the Gould Prize competition.
View of the Queen twin-engined monoplane outside the hangars at the Nassau Boulevard Airfield on Long Island, New York, possibly during the Aero Meet of late September 1911, sponsored by the Aero Club of America (although it does not seem to have been flown at that event). The Queen Aeroplane Co occupied hangar No 14 at this airfield. The rear engine and tailboom arrangement are seen to good effect.
The rather unwieldy undercarriage and front engine installation are the focus of the photograph.
The tail surfaces, comprising a primitive elevator and rudder, may be seen here.
The ungainly twin-engined Queen monoplane under construction in one of the Queen Aeroplane Company’s buildings at the (then defunct) Fort George Amusement Park in Upper Manhattan, New York City, circa mid-1911. The man in the fuselage is facing rearwards.