SAAB Skeldar
Страна: Швеция
Год: 2006
Вертолет Беспилотный

Saab is offering the Skeldar vertical take-off and landing unmanned air vehicle for ISR roles to Gulf nations.
The rotary-winged Skeldar V-200 has the helicopter’s ability to operate from land and sea, carrying a wide range of sensors for ISR missions.
UMS Skeldar has launched an upgraded Skeldar V-200B system offering a greater payload-carrying capacity.
A trial is to assess the Skeldar V-200’s capability for delivering vaccines to remote South Pacific islands.
The UMS Skeldar V-200 will provide intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance services to the Canadian Armed Forces on domestic and international operations.
Saab has completed development of the Skeldar V-200 rotary-wing UAV and is seeking a launch customer.
The Skeldar’s route, altitude and speed can be pre-programmed via the 'Point and Fly’ system using a laptop and mouse.
Saab is making improvements to the Skeldar after the difficulties experienced during the 2013 Spanish Navy trial.
UMS Skeldar has stated its newly launched V-150 will complement its more larger V-200 stablemate.
UMS Skeldar’s V-150 platform
The newly enhanced UMS Skeldar R-350 is designed to carry up to 80kg (176lb) of payload for over two hours.
The Primoco One 150 fixed-wing and UMS Skeldar V-150 rotary wing UAVs are offered as a combination
Беспилотный вертолет "Скелдар"