SIPA S.10 / S.11 / S.111 / S.12
SIPA - S.10 / S.11 / S.111 / S.12 - 1945 - Франция
Страна: Франция
Год: 1945

Two-seat Advanced Trainer
Arado Ar 396
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Arado Ar 396

   SIPA построила более 200 экземпляров в модификациях S.10, S.11 и S.12 для французских вооруженных сил. S.12 имел цельнометаллическую конструкцию.

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

SIPA S.10 (France)
   French version of the Arado Ar 396, built as the company's first post-war product. Twenty-eight produced.

SIPA S.11, S.111, S.12 and S.121 (France)
   The S.11 (50 built for the French Air Force) and S.111 (S.11s converted to S.111 standard) were modified versions of the S.10 two-seat advanced trainer, fitted with Renault 125 engines (440 kW; 590 hp SNECMA S-12-S02-3H, French-built Argus As 411). The S.12 was similar to the S.11 but was constructed entirely of metal; 52 S.12s were built for the French Air Force together with 58 S.121 lightweight derivatives. For use in Algeria, a number of S.111s and S.121s were modified to carry rockets and bombs for ground attack under the designations S.111A and S.121A.
Почти забытый ныне самолет Sipa S.12A - французский вариант немецкого Arado Ar 396 времен Второй мировой войны. Машинами S.12А, S.121A и их вариантами, оборудованными узлами подвески для бомб и ракет, оснащались многие группы GALA. Можно заметить, что этот самолет скапотировал на мягком песке - общая проблема для пустынных аэродромов.
The S.I.P.A. S.10 Two-seat Advanced Trainer (500 h.p. Renault 12 S 00 engine).
With bomb-carriers sandwiching the twin R.P. rails, these two S.I.P.A. S.12s are derived from the German Arado Ar 396 of 1944. Power is a 580-h.p. SNECMA-Renault 12S-02 engine.
Учебно-тренировочные самолеты SIPA IIIA французы использовали как легкие штурмовики
Самолет SIPA III и "Тексаны" на полевом аэродроме Уджа. 1956г.
SIPA 111
The French-registered SIPA 121 (Arado Ar 396) was demonstrated at Old Warden on May 30, 1976 by Jerrard Oosterlinck. Painted to represent a Bf 109, it was in Britain for the making of a new film entitled The Eagle has Landed, and has now returned to France from St Mawgan, where the filming took place.