Udet U-12 Flamingo
Udet - U-12 Flamingo - 1925 - Германия
Страна: Германия
Год: 1925

Udet. Самолеты
Flight, May 1925

Udet. Самолеты

  Был создан еще один самолет - двухместный биплан с открытыми кабинами и 96-сильным (72 кВт) двигателем Siemens-Halske Sh.11, предназначенный для первоначального обучения. Получивший обозначение U 12 Flamingo, он совершил первый полет в 1925 году и оказался самой удачной разработкой компании "Udet", но уже не мог спасти фирму от финансовых проблем. В 1926 году предприятие и бизнес "Udet" перешли под контроль "Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG" (BFW), продолжившей выпуск U 12 как для Германии, так и для экспорта в Австрию, Венгрию и Латвию.

Flight, May 1925



Udet-Flugzeugbau G.M.B.H.

  Although one of the younger German firms, the Udet works of Munich have shown quite surprising energy since the foundation of the firm a few years ago. In the Round-Germany flight a considerable number of machines are entered, most of which have been described in FLIGHT from time to time. At least one new type has been produced for the competition, and curiously enough this is a biplane, the U.12 - so far as we are aware, the first biplane to be produced by this firm.
  The new Udet U.12, as already stated, is a biplane, and is shown in one of our photographs. The standard machine is mainly intended for preliminary school work, and is, therefore, fitted with dual control, so arranged that either set of controls can be disconnected according to whether the instructor occupies the front or the rear seat. In this connection it is of interest that when one set of controls is disconnected the other is automatically brought into gear, so that one set is always working.
  As the photograph will show, the biplane wings are of normal type with a single I-strut on each side and cable bracing. It may be mentioned that the machine is produced in several types, according to the purpose for which it is intended, commencing with the original type, which has large wing area and high lift section, and then the second type with low lift section, and finally for completing training and for use in "refresher courses," a set of smaller wings is supplied. The engine is a Siemens radial of 80 h.p. mounted on steel structure which is secured to the fuselage proper by four bolts, and can easily be dismantled. The petrol tanks are mounted in the top centre section so that direct gravity feed may be employed.
Самым удачным самолетом, сконструированным фирмой Эрнста Удета, стал U 12 Flamingo. Здесь изображен самолет U 12 ВВС Австрии.
The Udet U.12 is the first biplane to be built by this firm. The inter 'plane struts are of Duralumin
The Udet U.12 ("Flamingo") is believed to be the first biplane built by the Udet firm. The engine is a Siemens.
SOME RUNDFLUG MACHINES: A three-quarter rear view of the Udet biplane "Flamingo," piloted by Herr Udet himself
OUR GERMAN VISITOR: Herr Udet is here seen "skating" his "Flamingo" sideways across the Aerodrome.
Reader J. G. Lee of Brighton. Sussex. wants to know if you can put a name to this Hungarian-registered (HA-UBI) two-seat glider tug. Contemporary British references do not mention it. Period, mid-1930s.