Страна: Индия
Год: 2010

Второй летный прототип легкого ударного вертолета LCH
Боевой вертолет LCH
Индийский ударный вертолет HAL LCH
HAL claims that initial operational capability of the Light Combat Helicopter will be declared in the autumn of 2015.
Боевой вертолет LCH в полете
By February 2017 all four of HAL's Light Combat Helicopters had accumulated 850 flights. Sensors and weapons integrated on the LCH are systems already fitted to the Rudra.
The third Light Combat Helicopter technology demonstrator (c/n TD-3) made its maiden flight on November 12, 2014 and made its debut appearance at this year’s Aero India.
Вид на хвостовую часть вертолета LCH
Пушечная турель в носовой части вертолета LCH
Легкий боевой вертолет LCH
A full-scale mock-up of HAL's proposed Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) was unveiled for the first time at Aero India 2007. HAL is developing the LCH for the Indian Army, which has a requirement for around 70 anti-armour helicopters that will be capable of supporting troops on high altitude battlefields. HAL chairman Ashok K Baweja stated at the show on February 8, 2007 that the prototype LCH was expected to make its first flight by September/October 2008.