Grahame-White Type XIII 'Circuit of Britain'
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1914

Единственный экземпляр
Although it was never put into production, the machine shown was one of considerable interest. Designed by Mr. J. D. North and built by the Grahame White Aviation Co. of Hendon, this early scout (1914) showed features which do not look out of the way even to-day. Note, for example, the very pronounced stagger, which was an unusual feature in those days. In spite of its small size the machine was a two-seater. It as also tested as a seaplane.
GRAHAME-WHlTE MILITARY BIPLANE. This little-known biplane, powered by a 100-h.p. Monosoupape Gnome rotary engine, appeared in 1914 and was a conversion of the floatplane produced to take part in the Circuit of Britain seaplane race. It was designed by Mr.J.D.North, then chief designer to the Grahame-White Aviation Company at Hendon. The seaplane was damaged during a practice flight, and as the 1914-18 War prevented the seaplane race from being flown, it was rebuilt as a military landplane. It was not in fact adopted for production. Dimensions: span 27ft 10 in.; length 26 ft.6 in. Max.speed 80 m.p.h.; landing speed 42 m.p.h.