Miles M.100 Student
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1957

Единственный экземпляр
General-purpose light jet aircraft
Miles M.68 Boxcar, M.71 Merchantman и M.100 Student

   Учебный M.100 Student вообще выходит за рамки истории компании "Miles". Эту машину в инициативном порядке в 1953 году спроектировали Ф.Дж. и Джордж Майлзы. Двухместный, с расположением членов экипажа бок о бок, реактивный учебно-тренировочный Student был оснащен ТРД Turbomeca Marbore тягой 3,92 кН; первый полет выполнен 15 мая 1957 года. Британские ВВС сделали выбор в пользу Jet Provost, Student в серию не передавался.
M.100, построенный в инициативном порядке Джорджем Майлзом в 1953 году, предназначался для первоначального обучения летчиков, но проиграл в конкурентной борьбе самолету Hunting Jet Provost.
George Miles at the controls of his brainchild, the M.100 jet trainer. It made its first flight on May 15, 1957 from Shoreham wearing the ‘B Condition’ markings G-35-4. High hopes were placed on the elegant aircraft, which had been deliberately designed for local production by customers and to be developed into a ‘family’.
The M.100 Student.
George Miles demonstrating the ease of access that the car-type doors afford the Student. The aircraft carries the tip tanks that held an additional 300lb (136kg) of fuel and the ‘B Condition’ identity G-35-4 on the fin.
The Student ‘sat’ low on the ground, allowing easy access to the engine and making pre-flight checks easy.
Familiar "Falcon" pre-war trade mark of F. G. Miles on fin of prototype Miles Student;
With the undercarriage tucked away, the Student was a delightful prospect from any angle, it is seen here in the silver and dark blue scheme it adopted in the early 1960s.
Miles M 100 Student prototype (Blackburn-Turbomeca Marbore IIA turbojet)
Miles Student G-APLK at Strathallan where it was flown by Duncan McIntosh ol Loganair during the Strathallan Aircraft Collection's annual air day on 17th July. It is reported that there has been a revival of interest in this economical jet trainer, which might be put into production if suitable orders are forthcoming
The Miles Student, mothballed for the last eight years, is shortly due to fly again with Hawker Siddeley at Hatfield on noise research.
Miles M.100 Student
Data: Span 28 ft.; length 27 ft.; height 6ft. 3 in.; wing area 140 sq. ft.; wing-loading (trainer) 22 Ib./sq. ft.; diving speed 460 m.p.h.; take-off weight 3,600 lb.