IAR IAR-811 / IAR-813
Страна: Румыния
Год: 1949

The first aircraft designed and built in Romania post-1945, the one and only IAR-811 of 1949.
The developed IAR-813 entered series production. ‘Red 74’ is preserved by the Aviation Museum.
The IAR-813 is a side-by-side two-seater of mixed wood and metal construction powered by a 160-h.p. Waiter Minor 6-III inline. The IAR-813 has a maximum speed of 115 m.p.h. for an a.u.w . of 1,543 lb .
IAR-813. Since the end of World War II and the resultant "Iron Curtain" news blackout created by the tight Russian control, information relating to Rumanian aircraft and aviation activities has been sparse. Now comes news of an attractive, if conventional-looking side-by-side, two-seat sportsplane, the IAR-813. The design of the IAR-813 was worked on in 1955 and in turn stems from the IAR-811 which has been in production since 1949 at the State Aircraft Factory (lAR - Industria Aeronautica Romana) at the pre-war plant at Brasov. The design engineers are stated to be Ing. Cosoianu, Grosu and Manicatide.
Construction of the IAR-813 is of mixed wood and steel tube, with a single-spar wooden wing and fixed, tailwheel-type undercarriage. Landing flaps are fitted, and dual controls provided. The powerplant is an imported Czech-built Walter Minor 6-III inverted inline engine driving a two-blade, fixed-pitch wooden airscrew. At 2,500 r.p.m. this 6-cylinder engine delivers a rated power at sea-level of 160 b.h.p.
The IAR State Aircraft Factory is no newcomer, having been founded as long ago as 1925 - some two years after the other pre-war aircraft company S.E.T. (Fabrica de Avione S.E.T.) of Bucharest. Both companies manufactured aircraft of original design; trainers (civil and military), fighter biplanes and monoplanes. However, IAR also went in for licence construction, mainly Polish, French and U.S. designs, and this tradition appears to have been maintained to this date. During World War II IAR switched from fighter production (Polish PZL P.XIBs and P.24Fs) to bomber production (the Italian two-motor S.M.89B) under the Axis Tripartite Pact of 1940. Since the Russian domination of Rumania IAR has built training aircraft under licence from Czechoslovakia including the Zlin Z.381 (German Bucker Bu 181 Bestmann) which, as a side-by-side low-wing primary trainer, may have inspired the IAR-813. A post-war Czech design, the tandem-seat primary Zlin Z.26 low-wing monoplane has also been in production for the aero clubs.