Slingsby/CAMCO V-Liner
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1968

Photo (with Boeing 707 for scale) of the CAMCO V-liner. Weighing just over 4 tons, it will incorporate 2,193 ft. of aluminium tubing, 40 miles of wiring and 3,348 bulbs
The model with a Boeing 707 model to give an idea of the projected full-scale aircraft’s length;
Intrigued visitors inspect the scale model of the bizarre Camco V-Liner in the static park at Farnborough in 1968. Reportedly a 1/10th-scale flying model was tested at Elvington, Yorkshire.
The model the hoarding at Farnborough. The uncompleted full-scale aircraft was destroyed in a fire at Kirbymoorside on November 18, 1968.
A head-on view of the model of the world’s longest (and probably slowest) aircraft;
Three of the project’s major players - left to right: Air Cdre A.H. Wheeler, technical adviser; Lewis McCarty Jr; William Slater of Slingsby.
A press release illustration of the extraordinary V-Liner - with most of the tubing omitted!