Miles M.77 Sparrowjet
Miles - M.77 Sparrowjet - 1953 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1953

Единственный экземпляр
M.77 Sparrowjet

   В 1950 году прототип Sparrowhawk, G-ADNL, переделали в гоночный самолет M.77 Sparrowjet.
Another photograph showing Fred Dunkerley flying the Sparrowjet. The Sparrowjet's unstick speed was around 60 m.p.h. at 33,800 rpm. The take-off run to clear 50ft was about 500yd on grass and 400yd from a tarmac surface.
Fred Dunkerley flying the Sparrowjet at Shoreham in 1954. The fins on the tailplane contain mass balances for the elevators.
This montage photograph shows G-ADNL in its original form (top) and final form. By installing two Palas turbojets and after modification to the airframe, the maximum speed of G-ADNL was increased by 50 m.p.h.
M.77 Sparrowjet для гражданского сектора рынка первых послевоенных лет оказался чрезмерно сложным, а военных не устраивали его невысокие летные данные.
Fred Dunkerley in the M.77 Sparrowjet at Yeadon in May 1956 - he secured the SBAC Challenge Cup at this event. He did that again in 1957, but this paled in comparison to possessing the King’s Cup.
A near-plan view of the Sparrowjet showing the jet effluxes.
The two 330lb st Palas turbojets were neatly buried in the wing roots.
Two photographs of G-ADNL taken at Shoreham on August 2, 1952 during the later stages of conversion to the Sparrowjet.
The comfortable cockpit had a built-in back-type parachute and Sutton harness and a full blind-flying panel. The de Havilland panel cockpit canopy afforded superb vision for the pilot and was free from any optical aberration.
Comparison (as accurate as sources will allow) of the M.5 Sparrowhawk - black linework - with the M.77 Sparrowhawk - shading.