Beagle/Scottish Aviation Bulldog / B.125
Beagle/Scottish Aviation - Bulldog / B.125 - 1969 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1969

Two/three-seat primary trainer
Some 20 Scottish Aviation Bulldogs give the RJAF the largest fleet of this primary trainer outside of the UK. They are used by No 2 Squadron at Mafraq.
Bulldogs of No 6 AEF, RAF Benson.
The first RAF Bulldog T.1s to be sold off, seen lined up at RAF Newton in the early morning sun on February 13, 2000 moments before they departed for Le Touquet, France, on the first leg of their delivery flight to the Air Squadron of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM). The four aircraft, 9H-ADQ (ex XX691/'10'/London UAS), 9H-ADR (ex XX696/'S'/Liverpool UAS), 9H-ADS (ex XX709/'E'/Yorkshire UAS) and 9H-ADT (ex XX714/'D'/Yorkshire UAS), are wearing temporary adhesive nationality markings and serials for the ferry flight and still retain their old RAF unit codes. Full AFM markings will be applied after arrival in Malta
Bulldog T.1 XX713 of Queen's U.A.S., Belfast
Scottish Aviation's Model 124 Bulldog demonstrator, G-ASAL, with underwing hard points. This armed version can carry 14 68mm Snebs plus two 28lb bombs, two twin 7.62mm machine-gun pods, wire guided missiles or 14 75mm rockets.
Delivery has recently been completed of the five Scottish Aviation Bulldogs ordered by the Kenya Air Force - the third service to introduce this trainer into operation. The finish, in high gloss red and white, is similar to that which will be used on the RAF Bulldogs, delivery of which is to begin next year.
Scottish Aviation Bulldog T. Mk 1 (Model 121), first aircraft for the Royal Air Force
Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.Mk 1 (Model 121) two-seat trainer of the Royal Air Force
Liverpool UAS Bulldog T Mk.1 XX523/X, based at RAF Woodvale, Lancs, one of about 100 remaining in service with the CFS and the UAS out of the 132 aircraft originally delivered to the RAF.
Chipmunk WZ879 and Bulldog XX520, serving with the CFS at RAF Leeming
BAe Bulldog T.1s.
The two Bulldog T1s that comprise the Bulldog Aerobatic Team frolicking near their base at RAF Church Fenton, Yorkshire.
Example of primary trainer/club tourer types of aircraft that have been adapted to carry armament is provided by the British Aerospace Bulldog.
Scottish Aviation Bulldog T. Mk 1 (Model 121) of the Royal Air Force
Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1 XX515 bearing on its fuselage the crest of the R.A.F.'s Central Flying School, Scampton
Over 250 Aerobatic Bulldogs are now in service world-wide - training more pilots in basic military flying skills than any competitor
Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force BAe Bulldog Model 128.
The latest Nigerian Bulldog, G-BBOZ, at Shoreham.
G-BBJO, the sixth Nigerian Air Force Bulldog at Gatwick prior to delivery.
Author poses by Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1 XXF14, the photographic aircraft, for F/Lt. Graham Bairstow, who piloted him on this sortie and took this picture
Scottish Aviation Bulldog Model 124 development aircraft being armed with Matra launchers for 68 mm SNEB rockets
Scottish Aviation Bullfinch prototype G-BDOG. Bulldog 120 G-ASAL and tail of Hawker Siddeley 748 CS-03 in Belgian A.F. colours
New from Scottish Aviation is the Bullfinch, seen here, which first flew on August 20, 1976. Developed from the Bulldog 120, it is a fully aerobatic sport and touring aircraft with a retractable undercarriage, and will also be available as the military Bulldog 200, equipped for training and multi-role operations. Production deliveries are expected to begin late 1977/early 1978.
The prototype Scottish Aviation Bullfinch, G-BDOG, made its first flight at Prestwick on 20th August and later took part in the Farnborough display
The prototype Scottish Aviation Bullfinch, G-BDOG, the civil variant of the Bulldog 200, which first flew on August 20, 1976.
British Aerospace Bulldog
Scottish Aviation Bulldog Series 100 two/three-seat primary training aircraft
Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.Mk 1 primary training aircraft (
Scottish Aviation Bulldog Srs 200, with retractable landing gear