Eurocopter EC.130
Airbus H130
Eurocopter - EC.130 - 1999 - International
Страна: International
Год: 1999

Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) AS 350, AS 355 Ecureuil, AS 555 Fennec и EC130
   "Eurocopter" разработал совершенно новый вариант Ecureuil с ТВаД Arriel 2B1 - EC130. Он отличается кабиной больших размеров, по типу кабины AS 350, новыми обводами фюзеляжа и рулевым винтом-фенестроном. EC130 обладает очень малой шумностью, снижению которой в последнее время придается особое значение.
   Именно за низкий уровень шума, генерируемого вертолетом в полете, EC130 востребован многими компаниями, работающими в особо охраняемых природных зонах, включая "Maverick Helicopter", оперирующей в Гранд Каньоне. В 2010 году "Eurocopter" предложил гражданским и военным заказчикам ЕС 130B4.
Eurocopter EC130 T2
HeliRussia 2013 attracted 205 companies. Among novelties, Eurocopter's EC130 T2 made its debut in Russia.
EC 130 T2
Airbus' UpNext, a subsidiary that fast-tracks technology development, is managing the Vertex project
Airbus Helicopters H130, F-WWXD (c/n 8360), is the company’s latest Flightlab
The Flightlab was customised for testing of the engine back-up system
Flightlab will help Airbus deliver proof of concept for tomorrow’s technologies much more efficiently
Airbus is introducing autonomous features to its helicopter Flightlab through a project code-named Vertex
Flightlab’s small team of test flight pilots and engineers oversees each mission, analysing data as they go
An Airbus A350, an XWB drone and the H130 Flightlab shown together at the Airbus Summit, September 2021
Airbus launched its Skywise open data platform at the Paris Air Show, and the company intends to make it available for all its products - airliners, helicopters and military aircraft.
The first ACH130 delivered since the launch of Airbus Corporate Helicopters in 2017 has been acquired by an un-named customer but will be operated by Monaco's Monacair.
Flying over London on December 18, 2019, ACH130 Aston Martin Edition .001, the first such aircraft, demonstrates its Aston Martin Stirling Green, Skyfall Silver and Jet Black colour scheme
Alfie Best's ACH130, appropriately registered G-IPSE, is painted in a special colour scheme chosen by the UK-based entrepreneur and was delivered shortly after EBACE 2019.
Eurocopter is intent on furthering its studies to reduce helicopter noise levels. F-WQES (seen here) is the second EC 130B4 prototype of what is claimed to be one of the quietest helicopters in the world (7dB below the ICAO regulations), thanks to its sophisticated main rotor and fenestron.
Airbus Helicopters’ civil helicopters range
The H130 uses a Safran Arriel 2D turbine engine which includes a new-generation dual channel full authority digital engine control (FADEC) system
Коммерческий директор "Еврокоптер-Восток" Артем Фетисов рассказывает о преимуществах EC130 T2
Летчик-испытатель Оливье Жанс доволен своей машиной
The interior of the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition is open to customisation, with a selection of four different coloured leather trims available.
Airbus Helicopters has partnered with luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin for the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition.