Aero Ae.01 / A.14
Aero - Ae.01 / A.14 - 1919 - Чехословакия
Страна: Чехословакия
Год: 1919

The first Aero Meeting in Czecho-Slovakia was held at Bory, near Plzen (Pilsen) on May 1 and 2 1920, five aeroplanes taking part. The above photograph shows Members of the Committee of the Aero Club of Western Bohemia. Standing in the centre Is Mr. Russ, the Club's "stunt" pilot
The First Czech International Aero Exhibition at Prague: The "Aero" Co.'s two-seater tractor biplane
The first aircraft used by CSA were ex-Czech Army Aero A-14 biplanes.
THE FIRST CZECH INTERNATIONAL AERO EXHIBITION AT PRAGUE: The Ikarus ''limousine biplane" Brandenburg type