Micro-Biplane Aviation (MBA) Tiger Cub 440
Micro-Biplane Aviation (MBA) - Tiger Cub 440 - 1982 - Великобритания
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1982

The Tiger Cub - a British product, sets the pace for a totally new concept in microlight aircraft, featuring a patent, strong, rigid structure, outstanding controllability, 35-75 mph level speed range, 800 ft/min climb and 5 minutes rigging time.
   Ready-drilled and pre-fabricated, easy-to-build kit sections can be purchased ex-stock from ?155 + VAT with full kits, and ready-to-fly Tiger Cub available to order for delivery March 1983. PPL Group D training arranged for owners from ?550 including VAT flying conventional 2-seat aircraft with qualified instructors.
The tractor installation of the two-cylinder air-cooled 440cc engine is claimed to avoid the pitching problems that can be encountered with pushers.
A 5-MINUTE BRITISH TAKE-AWAY. Three locking pins per side and the Tiger Cub is ready for light trailer transport. The specially designed MBA trailer is easy to handle and very stable on the road, even when pulled by small cars in strong cross-winds.
The Tiger Cub's recommended cruising speed is 55 m.p.h. and its rate of climb is 800ft/min. Inset, the Tiger Cub's control surfaces and control system follow conventional light aircraft practice.