Broadsmith B2 / B4
Страна: Австралия
Год: 1924

Flight, February 1925

Flight, February 1925

Two machines had been designed for the competitions by Mr. Broadsmith, once associated with the Avro firm in England. These were identified by the design numbers, B.2 and B.4. What happened to B.3 we do not know. The type B.2 was designed for Mr. H. W. Ross, who flew it in the competitions. This machine was a cantilever biplane in so far as it had no bracing of the usual form. The top plane was mounted on centre-section struts rising from the fuselage, while the bottom plane was braced by inverted vee struts after the fashion of the D.H.53 light 'plane. The engine fitted was an Anzani, and is stated to have given endless trouble. Our correspondent is very enthusiastic about the B.2, and says: "This machine was the winner of the speed prize at a little over 70 m.p.h. My personal estimate of its maximum speed is about 85 m.p.h. The discrepancy is explained by the fact that, at an air speed greater than 75 m.p.h. Ross was blinded with petrol and that he went at least a mile out of his course, this being his first lap. After fixing the defective fuel tank cap he started out to show what the 'bus would do, but the engine - the second one to be fitted - cracked up. The first engine broke its reduction gearing before the machine had been in the air ten minutes. If the engines had not given out Ross undoubtedly would have gained the majority of the prizes. His take-off and climb were phenomenal, speed at least 10 m.p.h. better than anyone else, and landing speed quite moderate."
* * *
   THE second Broadsmith-designed machine, the B.4, designed for the owner-entrant, Mr, McArthur Onslow, was fitted with an A.B.C. "Scorpion" engine, which appeals to have run perfectly throughout and to have given no trouble whatever. Of slightly more orthodox design than the B.2, with ordinary biplane bracing and struts, this machine gathered-in most of the prizes. In the competitions it was piloted by Captain H.W. Percival, while in the Aerial Derby its pilot was Mr. C.H.Elvin Coles.
AUSTRALIAN LIGHT 'PLANES: Two views of the biplane designed by Mr. Broadsmith for Mr. H. W. Ross. This machine won the speed contest at a little over 70 m.p.h. In the left-hand photograph Mr. Ross is seen discussing things with one of his mechanics.
AUSTRALIAN LIGHT 'PLANES: Four views of the biplane designed for Mr. Onslow by Mr. Broadsmith. This machine gained most of the prizes. The engine is an A.B.C. "Scorpion."