ОКБ Сокол Альтиус-М / Альтаир
Страна: Россия
Год: 2014
Беспилотный (проект)

The first Altius-U prototype made its maiden flight in August 2019 and its introduction in operational service is expected for about 2025
Altius is the first Russian-made MALE UAV system, but its development continues at a slow pace; fielding into military service has yet to be time-lined.
An Altius-M early prototype seen here prepared for a test fight
In April 2014, Russian television broadcast pictures of the first Altair under construction, showing progress on its fuselage and engines.
Design of the five-tonne Altius-M reconnaissance vehicle currently under development by OKB Sokol in Kazan.
THe Altair is a civil version of the Altius-M
UAVs remain a low-priority asset for the RuAF.
Model of the Altius-M shown to new Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu (second from left) during his visit to Kazan in February 2013.