Hawker Hedgehog
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1924

Единственный экземпляр
Hawker "Hedgehog" (Bristol "Jupiter"). The "Hedgehog" is a three-seater Fleet reconnaissance machine. The wings are of short span and fairly thick section, and a gravity tank is neatly faired off in the top centre 'plane. The wings fold. The pilot is seated underneath the top wing, and the gunner is just clear of the trailing edge with the second cockpit between the two. The "Hedgehog" is not yet a standard type for use in Service squadrons.
THE HAWKER "HEDGEHOG": A Fleet Reconnaissance three seater, with Bristol "Jupiter" Engine. Three-quarter front view.
AT THE R.A.F. DISPLAY: The Hawker "Hedgehog" three-seater Reconnaissance (400 h.p. Bristol "Jupiter.")
THE HAWKER "HEDGEHOG": Three-quarter rear view. Note the petrol gravity tank in the top centre-section. The wings are designed to fold.
"NEW AND EXPERIMENTAL": Some of the machines which took part in the "Fly Past" at the R.A.F. Display. (4) Hawker "Hedgehog" (400 h.p. Bristol "Jupiter"), a three-seater reconnaissance machine.
The Hawker "Hedgehog" is a three-seater fleet reconnaissance machine with Jupiter engine and carries a big useful load.
GETTING THE NAVY INTO THE AIR: Two Views of the Hawker "Hedgehog" with Bristol "Jupiter Series VI" Engine during a test flight, piloted by Lieut. Bulman, at Brooklands. This machine has been designed as a three-seater reconnaissance and gunnery spotter for use by the Fleet Air Arm.
THE HAWKER "HEDGEHOG": A three-seater Fleet Reconnaissance machine with Bristol "Jupiter" engine. By the courtesy of the H. G. Hawker Engineering Company our photographer was able recently to secure these photographs of the machine in flight. The photograph of Flight-Lieut. Bulman, who is now chief test pilot to this firm, gives a good idea of the size of the "Hedgehog."