Westland Yeovil
Страна: Великобритания
Год: 1925

Flight, November 1925

Flight, November 1925

The "Yeovil" Day-Bomber

  THE Westland "Yeovil" Day-Bomber, designed and built by the Westland Aircraft Works (Branch of Fetters, Ltd.), Yeovil, is claimed to be an advance on existing types of machines for this purpose. A machine for day bombing should possess certain characteristics which are not so much needed on machines required for other purposes. In particular, it is very essential that the observer should have a really good uninterrupted view downwards, to enable him effectively to use one or other of the accurate bomb sights which are now obtainable. In addition, a bombing machine should have a good degree of positive stability, and should fly very steadily. Otherwise it will be impossible to use the bomb sights effectively.
  All these points have received special attention in the Westland "Yeovil” bomber. Both the pilot and observer have a very good view for their respective operations., the pilot being in front, and the gunner placed aft of the trailing edge of the wings.
  As can be seen from the photographs, the decking in front of the pilot slopes down to the engine. This has the effect of very greatly improving the pilot's view forward.
  The armament of the machine consists of a gun firing forward and two guns firing aft. The undercarriage has a wide track, and the shock is absorbed by means of oleo legs.
  Ailerons are fitted to the top planes only, but are of large area, and give very effective and light control.
  It will be noted that the wing section on each side of the centre section is different from the remainder of the wing. The petrol tanks are housed inside this thick section, which has high-lift characteristics. It will thus be seen that the petrol supply is entirely by gravity, which is a very desirable feature, particularly for a military machine
  The engine is a 600 h.p. Rolls Royce "Condor," fitted with a metal propeller.
  As the machine was built for the Air Ministry, we are not permitted to give any details of its actual performance, but we may say that this is considered highly satisfactory.
Westland "Yeovil" (Rolls-Royce "Condor"). Here we have another designer's conception of the day bomber fitted with the Rolls-Royce "Condor," like the "Horsley" and "Berkeley." A feature of this machine is the high-lift section gravity tanks. The nose slopes from the pilot's cockpit, and gives him a good view, while the rear gunner is clear of the wings, and has a wide range for firing, as well as a clear view downwards for bombing. The 600 h.p. engine is fitted with a Leitner-Watts metal propeller. There is a forward-firing gun, and two firing aft. The chassis is fitted with oleo shock absorbers.
THE WESTLAND "YEOVIL" DAY-BOMBER: Three-quarter rear view. The sloping deck provides a good view forward for the pilot, while the rear gunner, being clear of the wings, has a very free field of fire and a good view downwards for bomb sighting.
A NEW WESTLAND MACHINE: The "Yeovil" is a Day-Bomber fitted with Rolls-Royce "Condor" engine. In this front view the Leitner-Watts metal propeller is a notable feature, as are also the high-lift section gravity petrol tanks.
The Westland "Yeovil."