Silvercraft SH-4 / SH-200
Страна: Италия
Год: 1963

Three-seat light helicopter
Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Silvercraft SH-4 (Italy)

  First flown in March 1965, the SH-4 is a three-seat light general-purpose helicopter powered by a 175 kW (235 hp) Franklin 6A-350-D1B engine (derated to 127 kW; 170 hp). The standard version is suitable for pilot training, utility, survey, police, ambulance, military liaison and observation duties. An agricultural version was also produced as the SH-4A. The SH-4/4A is no longer in production. A replacement for the SH-4 was built as the SH-200, first flown in April 1977.
Photograph of Siai-Marchetti SH-4 three-seat light helicopter
Silvercraft SH-4 three-seat helicopter (Franklin 6A-350-D1B engine)
Silvercraft SH-4A agricultural helicopter, fitted with spray tanks and boom
Silvercraft SH-4A.
Production line-up of Silvercraft SH-4 three-seat light helicopters
Silvercraft SH-200
Three-view drawing of Siai-Marchetti SH-4 three-seat light helicopter