Mignet HM-18 / HM-19 / HM-210 / HM-360 / HM-380
Страна: Франция
Год: 1936

Two Swiss Poux types at Brienne were HB-YBK, a two-seat HM.380, and HB-SPG, the tri-gear HM.19.
M. Mignet smiles at Flights photographer as the H.M.18 leaps into the air.
A deadstick landing by Mignet in the H.M.18. This Flea was purchased by Stephen Appleby a month later and registered G-AENV.
Evolution: Finally, here is shown the H.M.18, intended for commercial production in France.
The HM18 flown by Mignet makes a dead stick landing at Ramsgate in August 1936.
The H.M.18 Pou du Ciel in which Mignet flew the English Channel in order to attend the meeting. This aircraft was powered by a Menguin flat twin engine and featured a small elevator in the trailing edge. Its performance was far superior to any of the other Fleas at the meeting and its fighter-like performance must have been the envy of the other pilots.
Mignet's latest. The H.M.18 will probably be the French factory-built version of the Pou. Note that the wings do not overlap, and that the front wing is placed much higher than in the original Pou.
The H.M.18 is a cabin single-seater with Mengin engine. It takes off in a very short run and has an excellent climb.
Henry Mignet pushes his H.M.18 along the Ramsgate crowd line.
Where the Pou pinches: M. Mignet apologises to one of the officials, Mr. C. A. Wilson, for a certain difficulty of egress from the H.M.18.
M. Henri Mignet's revolutionary (or retrogressive?) "Pou de Ciel" or "Flying Flea" ultralight of pre-war notoriety has weathered the post-war years and now comes full circle back to France. There are two views of an enclosed cabin, single-seat Henri Mignet H.M.293 (F-PGYA), powered by a 30-h.p. Volkswagen flat-four, giving a cruise of 65 m.p.h. and stalling speed of 25 m.p.h.
Post-war Mignet derivative is the HM293 with wings folded;
A home-built single-seat Pou-de-Ciel at Eastleigh was badly damaged. November 1956.
Wefel/Mignet HM-360 Pou-du-Ciel (40 hp Continental A40 engine)
Wefel-Mignet HM-360 Pou-du-Ciel in its latest form with tricycle landing gear
Lederlin 380-L two-seat light aircraft (90 hp Continental engine)
Post-war Mignet derivative is the Lederlin 380L seen at Old Warden several years ago.