Hanriot monoplane
Страна: Франция
Год: 1910

A Hanriot monoplane of French design, and affectionately known as "Henrietta," was much in evidence at Brooklands in 1912-13. It had a semicircular section boat-built fuselage, and almost the whole of the pilot's body was exposed to the propeller slipstream. To modern ideas the rudder looks somewhat inadequate, but the tailplane was of ample dimensions. Lateral control was by wing warping. The machine did some very hard school work, and was, if we remember right, used by those early birds who styled themselves "Bois Casse Unlimited."
Eric Gordon England in his ENV-engined Hanriot monoplane, which he affectionately named Henrietta. The aircraft’s slender canoe-like fuselage was aerodynamically clean but offered its pilot little protection against the elements.
Cole Palens 1910 Hanriot replica at Teterboro, USA is almost completed, and will fly shortly.
BOURNEMOUTH-1910: Some of the "Slight 'Planes." (4) Wagner sets out on his Hanriot monoplane for a test flight.
In 1913, one of the "natives" of Brooklands, Gordon England to wit, flying the Hanriot monoplane "Henrietta," on the occasion of the race to Brighton in May of that year.