Miller JM-2
Страна: США
Год: 1973

Single-seat, lightweight sporting aircraft
The futuristic high speed lines of the JM-2 evident in these pictures no doubt contribute to the 74 m.p.h. stalling speed.
The wide chord of the wings is shown to good effect. They can be removed in an hour for towing or for compact storage. The immaculate finish is gained with the use of epoxy resin glass fibre.
Picture of the JM-2 airborne was taken by Chuck Wolfe.
James Miller's JM-2.
The Miller JM-2 seen during a Formula One race at this year's Reno air races.
A close-up of the duct and propeller.
The two close-up pictures of the empennage show the elevator and rudder control. Maximum up elevator is shown in the upper picture and maximum left rudder in the other.
The compact panel of the JM-2.