Lippisch / RRG Prufling
Страна: Германия
Год: 1926

F./O. Buxton making the best glide of the match.
THE PRUFLING: Mr. Alan Goodfellow flying the Lancashire Club's new glider.
A Prufling of the London Gliding Club in the air over Ivinghoe Beacon.
WELL AWAY: Mr. I. C. Weale in a Prufling at Ivinghoe Beacon on the occasion of a match between the Lancashire Gliding Club and the London Gliding Club.
A PRUFLING: Mr. Gibbons of the London Gliding Club manages a long flight in the Club's Prufling in spite of the light wind.
Capt. Latimer-Needham reflecting in solitude and silence over the downs at Totternhoe.
A London Gliding Club Prufling soaring over the Club's ground at Totternhoe near Dunstable. Such scenery as this is the common lot of the gliding enthusiast, as the sport takes him to the hills and not the flat uninteresting plains.
Hauling a "Prufling" up Ivinghoe Beacon. Behind are the trees in which Michelson "landed."
A Lancastrian in his club's Prufling at the match between the Lancashire and London Clubs.
The Master of Sempill in a "Prufling."